3 Lessons Learned:

If you are wondering whether your job or studies are giving you fulfillment then you may want to check on your mental awareness and even self-actualization because they have an impact on that. Everyone is working towards transforming his or her life. When you have fully developed your talents or potentialities you will reach self-actualization. It is also the topmost level in Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. This is where you achieve your highest needs. It is also about life’s philosophy. When you have self-actualized you will be surprised at how interesting life becomes. Striving to excel is something everyone is doing and those who have self-actualization get joy from their fulfilled life. In matters to do with self-improvement, this is something you cannot afford to ignore. When you have self-actualized it won’t be just the destination that matters but also the journey. You will encounter a lot of challenges when you are striving to achieve your goals. There are those who will give up in a whim if what they are working towards does not bear fruit.

Even so, in self-actualization people are interested in the journey and the destination. These are people who are independent and autonomous. In addition, they don’t let what others define as happiness bind them. They also have an interest in the things they can learn as they are working towards their goals. Reaching the destination won’t be possible if you do not want to work hard for the journey. When it comes to self-actualization, those who have got to this stage will be delighted when they are giving their best in the process so as to reach their goals. Thus, this group appreciates the journey as they do the dream and even the goals. Their sense of humor is thoughtful too. Even when things are not going well they can still afford to laugh or ridicule themselves.

This will ease the stress and help them gain a different perspective in matters to do with achieving their goals. They are mindful of how other people feel which is why they cannot make jokes that can hurt others. They do not just make people laugh but also find ways to assist them. When they learn to laugh at the mistakes they make it will also help them keep their focus. Plans can fall through but with a great sense of humor it will be possible for them to remain calm and come up with a plan on how to fix that. It doesn’t mean that those who are self-actualized do not have flaws because they do but the difference is that they do not run away from that. Everyone needs to learn the art of self-love. Even so, many hate their flaws.