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Real Time Bidding.

The success of a business depends on the ability to attract more customers to its services and products which requires advertising and marketing. Customers are made aware of the services offered by enterprises through effective marketing campaigns. There are key areas that need to be considered during marketing such as ensuring to present suitable ads and content to target audiences. Technology has enhanced the nature of marketing and advertising by allowing firms to study customers and avail the most suitable ads to each user. Real time bidding deploys techniques for target audience marketing to ensure that they get ads suiting their preferences and interests.

When users visit particular websites, statistics regarding the type of adverts they might be interested in are gathered and sent to advertisers and publishers. Suitable ads are presented by analyzing the demographics, location and browsing history among other factors of users to find suitable ads. Ad exchange is generally a platform where advertisers and publishers can view and act on active bids presented by the websites. Advertisers analyze the ads to see whether they suit their campaigns and start placing bids to have their content availed to the users. Real time bidding chooses the advertiser who has the highest bid and their content is presented live to the online users.

Real time bidding is quite cost-effective as compared to traditional advertising methods and also faster and effective. The ad exchange platform enables advertisers and publishers to access a common platform to manage bid requests and act on them. The effectiveness of an advert relies on being presented to the right user at the right moment and real-time bidding makes this possible. Programmatic advertising involves automatically buying or selling of online ads by advertisers and publishers. The programmatic ads can be easily accessed using mobile phones, desktops and tablet devices among other connected devices. The demand-side platforms are used in allowing publishers and advertisers to view the active bids on various ad exchange platforms and choose to bid.

Several applications and platforms are designed to help in managing the marketing campaign and to track of progress. Detailed reports about the marketing campaigns together with accurate statistics are collected and presented using the tools and applications. The real-time bidding, programmatic ads, and demand-side platforms work together to make it possible for advertisers and publishers to succeed in marketing. Real time bidding allows publishers to select the marketers who can access their inventories thereby making it convenient. Marketing campaigns can be adjusted accordingly using information given to advertisers. Cost effectiveness is enabled since advertisers pay based on the ad impressions seen which means no unnecessary expenses.

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