A Beginners Guide To

the Ultimate Things You Should Do Before You Go on Vacation to Ensure Your Plumbing Is in Order Until You Come Back
It’s very hard to find people staying in their normal homes during the holiday. Before you leave home for your vacations it’s important that you confirm that several things are in place so that you can avoid messes that may happen when there is no one to attend to your house. The security measures is one of the things that many people think about because they cannot imagine someone breaking into their house in their absence. They forget that the water problem can cause a great disaster to their homes than the thieves. In case you don’t know where to start in your plumbing checklist then this article will be very important to you.

The main water valve is the first thing to check. When you don’t need water in the house when you will be away there is no need of leaving the main water valve on but instead you should switch it off. This will prevent any minor leakage to cause damage in the house for the days you will not be around. Its necessary that you request for assistance from a qualified plumber to help you locate the main water valve in your house in case you cannot find it. Close the individual appliances if you cannot switch off the main water valve because of the systems that need to be supplied with water even if you are away.

The water flow in the pipes is the second thing to consider in your checklist. You should not leave your water pipes and toilets unattended for more than a month and that why it’s good to look for a friend or neighbor that will come to make the water run through the pipes and flush the toilets. The pipes need water flow so that they will not crack and the sewer line should be flushed to avoid the buildup of gases in the system.

Don’t forget to check the functioning of the pool pump. Algae will normally accumulate in your pool in case the water is stagnant for a long time. Thus the water supply to the pool shouldn’t be closed. However, now that the pool will not be in use you should reduce the amount of water flow to the pool. The pump must be working properly and that why you need someone to check on it while you are away. It’s important to plan on the needs of the water for your house sitters in case you will close the main tap.

Inspect the whole house appliances and those located outside so that you will make sure there are no leaks that will be left wasting water. Also remember to flush the drains, test the sump pump and inspect the hose.