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Pandemic: Everything People Need to Know

Description: Is It Safe To Go Back To The Dentist Despite Surging Coronavirus Cases? :  Shots - Health News : NPR

You have a hammering toothache, but is it safe to go to dental clinics right now, with Coronavirus Disease-19 ravaging the country? People need to put their minds at ease by learning what they can expect at dental appointments. Is it safe to go to these professionals now, or should people put this matter on the back burner until the situation settles down?

People everywhere want to know the answer to this simple question? The answer is a resounding yes; people can visit dental clinics safely. But there are a couple of precautions they need to take. Here is what individuals need to know before they call their dentists and schedule an appointment.

Should people go to dental clinics during the Coronavirus Disease-19 pandemic?

Oral health is as essential as overall health, but it ...

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