Everything You Need To Know About Marijuana Seeds

Marijuana is a natural plant that has been around longer than man has. On paper, it has been in use for medical purposes for about 3000 years. Who knows how long it had been used before someone started writing it down? It has been used as a sedative and a painkiller for so long. When researchers found its other properties, people started demanding that it became legal and available to everyone. It has been a few decades since countries started legalising marijuana for medical purposes only. However, this number is still very small and only limits to American states, Canada and some European countries. While the rules in other places may be lax, it is still considered illegal. There are only a handful of states that allow the use and possession of marijuana to everyone for medical as well as recreation purpose. California is one of the few states in the world where it is legal for anyone over 21 to be in possession of marijuana in any form. There are several other states where it is only legal for medical purposes and people need a valid medical card to buy marijuana.

However, there is one alternative by which anyone living in America, Canada, Europe or any other place where there are online seed banks can place an order for their favourite strain and get it delivered to their door step. It is legal to ship marijuana seeds. It is just considered an adult item and will only be handed to the adult who put in the order.

Before you order any strain, you should know that there is more than thousands of marijuana strains with different effects, taste, smell, properties and composition.

You can divide marijuana strains in 3 categories – sativa, indica and hybrid. Every strain will belong to at least one these. There are still many different things to consider. There are different types of seeds available as well. These include auto flowering seeds and feminised marijuana seeds available for sale online. There is significant difference between these types of seeds. Auto flowering seeds do not need a specific light schedule and are the best kind of seeds to be harvested indoors. Feminized marijuana seeds for sale online are guaranteed female seeds with ‘XX’ chromosomes. These seeds grow into big flowers and give very high yields.

If you want, either you can go to a pot store near your place or order feminized marijuana seeds for sale online from hundreds of seed banks that ship in your country. You can easily find one online. Before buying Feminized marijuana seeds for sale online, you should research about them properly and make sure you know the THC and CBD levels in them.