Pandemic: Everything People Need to Know

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You have a hammering toothache, but is it safe to go to dental clinics right now, with Coronavirus Disease-19 ravaging the country? People need to put their minds at ease by learning what they can expect at dental appointments. Is it safe to go to these professionals now, or should people put this matter on the back burner until the situation settles down?

People everywhere want to know the answer to this simple question? The answer is a resounding yes; people can visit dental clinics safely. But there are a couple of precautions they need to take. Here is what individuals need to know before they call their dentists and schedule an appointment.

Should people go to dental clinics during the Coronavirus Disease-19 pandemic?

Oral health is as essential as overall health, but it gets taken for granted for a lot of reasons. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit in the first quarter of 2020, a lot of individuals were nervous about visiting medical professionals. On top of the list of these medical professionals are dentists.

According to the American Dental Association, clinics remained closed, except for emergency cases, until the number of infected individuals in the country declined. These rules are starting to change. Now both the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention and the American Dental Association suggest that offices weigh the risks or threats and decide for themselves if it is safe for individuals to visit them.

And since we all know how the COVID-19 transmits, a lot of these professionals feel comfortable opening to almost normal levels. So yes, individuals should visit their trusted dentists during this pandemic, especially if they suspect a problem. The Coronavirus Disease-19 or famously known as COVID-19, need not be a reason to cancel scheduled appointments. Prompt care is very important for healthy smiles. But if they still feel uncomfortable, they need to make sure they ask their trusted professional what precautions or safeguards they are taking.

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Numbers do not lie: It is very safe to visit these clinics

Sure, people realize the importance of mouth care, but is it safe to go to clinics during the pandemic? Visiting these professionals, as it turns out, is a very safe thing to do. According to the American Dental Association studies, less than one percent of dentists tested positive for Coronavirus Disease-19. The report caught a lot of individuals by surprise.

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Initially, experts assumed that the positivity rate would be a lot higher in these offices and clinics. But this good news is not that unexpected. These professionals have always practiced great hygiene habits, even before the pandemic started.

Wearing surgical masks, gloves, as well as protective eyewear have been always part of their job. Although there are offices that upped their sanitation practices, most if not all of these offices have always been germ-free zones. And low COVID-19 transmission rates also proved that healthy practices work.

What does going to these clinics look like right now?

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, going to these dental offices did not need any special arrangements. People arrived at their scheduled appointment on time and waited for their turn. Patients probably panic-brushed their teeth before meeting their dentists. But with the pandemic making headlines, going to these clinics now look a bit different.

To adhere to the Center for Disease Control and Protection’s social distancing guidelines, offices are only allowed a couple of patients at a time. Upon arrival, patients will call to announce themselves and wait until the office staff tells them to enter the property.

People should expect to see a lot of hand sanitizer and thermometers, and they should not be shy about using them. Patients will still need to fill out documents or paperwork. In addition to the usual forms, they may also answer some questionnaires asking about any symptoms related to COVID-19 or recent travels in places with high COVID-19 cases.

People need to answer these things truthfully and to the best of their ability. Staff will also take the patient’s temperature after entering the property. A lot of offices also require their patients and staff to wear masks. While seeing the dental professional and the hygienist in Personal Protective Equipment us, not anything new, they may wear more protective gear such as a face shield. Patients can also rest assured that everyone working in these facilities disinfected all tools and surfaces beforehand.