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Why Stay in Guesthouse?

The place where you are going to stay is the most important thing whether you are going for a business trip or even on holiday. For the past years, people’s preferences have changed and they actually prefer where they prefer going to guesthouses than hotels. This is very likely to happen among those who are looking for homely and comfortable atmosphere.

As a matter of fact, guesthouses can provide a number of benefits to those who will book in such and some of these are:

Number 1. Homey feel – well, the atmosphere is the primary difference that these accommodations have than hotels. Because guesthouses are what the name suggests, houses that are to be rented, you’ll certainly feel at home than being in a generic hotel room. Oftentimes, hotels are impersonal and intimidating while with guesthouses, it has this distinctive character and may make you feel welcome.

Number 2. Get the space you want – are you thinking of travelling together with friends or your family? Hotels can do offer interconnecting rooms or suites but with guesthouses, you can rent the entire house. You do not need to spend nights curling up in the same bed with your kids or on the extensible sofas that’ll eventually give you back pains. It’s this benefit of having outdoor space that no hotels can easily offer.

Number 3. Budget friendly – as what people say, moneys runs the world and it is a factor on what to do with your trip. Say that you stay in guesthouses, it is possible that you can get more savings than booking hotels which can help you a lot in your budget. Say for example that you want to stay longer than what is expected, then you will surely have more to spend.

Number 4. It’s all about privacy – most of the time, there are few people who stay at guesthouse and sometimes, rent the entire place. Meaning to say, no one is going to bother you and you don’t have to worry bothering anyone. If you’re with your friends and want to have fun, then you can never again think of disturbing other guests in the room because you have the entire place.

Number 5. Customized service – because guesthouses are never crowded, staffs are going to give you personalized attention to your needs. What this basically mean is, you can receive personalized service. You may even create a bond with those in the house that can give you advice on the local area.

So if you are weighing whether to book in hotels or guesthouse, hope that these benefits help you a lot.
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