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c Tips of Fast Recovery After Tummy Tuck Surgery

There is no way the doctors will prevent you from experiencing complications after the tummy tuck surgery because every surgery has complications afterward. It is common for patients of surgery to experience skin infections, blood clots, and prolonged healing hence among the five things to ask your doctor are the side effects of the procedure. You will get the desired results after the tummy tuck surgery only if you strictly follow the advice of the surgeon. Follow these guidelines strictly to enable you to recover faster after tummy tuck surgery.

Purchase compression garments to wear on the dressings immediately after the procedure to prevent a fluid buildup that can cause swelling. The swelling may cause you to undergo a second surgery. Request your charger not to forget to place small tubes beneath the skin to allow excess blood and fluid flow away.

Ask a friend or family member to accompany you to the surgery because you will need a helping hand afterward. The surgeon may have to admit you to the health center for a maximum of two days after surgery. You will need someone to help you change clothes, shower and feed you because it will be difficult for you to stand straight, move about or even sit straight. If you strain yourself the stitches may tear and force doctors to conduct another surgery on you immediately to stitch them back. Resting improves blood circulation and promote fast recovery.

The doctor will provide you with oral pain medication to reduce the symptoms. Give yourself a break from smoking, alcohol, work and exercising but ensure you keep wearing the compression garment after the doctor has drained away fluids. Use this guide to undestand why you should not drink after tummy tuck surgery.

You should be careful with foods you eat after tummy tuck surgery by ensuring that you take a balanced measure of every nutrient. You should take foods that are rich in iron mostly because the surgery makes you lose blood which will be recovered as quickly as possible. Avoid foods that cause accumulation of dust in your belly. Experts of nutrition will help you choose the right types of food you should eat.

The symptoms that you experience during the first week will start subsiding. After the second week of surgery you’ll be ok to engage light activities but ensure that you keep yourself away from alcohol, exercising and smoking. The component in alcohol and the substances that you smoke may hinder you from healing quickly. You may feel mild pain and think you are okay to exercise but remember that beneath the skin may still be parts that need to heal completely. Choose the appropriate compression garment using tips from this guide because you it is still your friend up to a month depending on the rate you are recovering.